Your wines with Hartmann

My goal is to create a living natural product for you, characterised by your terroir. The foundations I have created in the vineyard during grape production should be embodied in bottle and glass. 

 I guarantee a professional and very natural vinification to give you an authentic and individual wine. Drinking the wine means pure pleasure, it reflects your vineyards and will give your customers a hard time to forego it.

 Contract filling with me includes:

·       Guidance on the choice and purchase of packaging materials
·       Registration and certification with the Chamber of Commerce
·       Bottling: includes all steps from bottling to the packaged product
·       The cost of the packaging material is not included in the price
·       Minimum quantity per type of wine: 600 bottles

 For more information on the production of your personal wine, contact me at: or +39 329 26 10 628