I, Hartmann

Ever since I can remember, my life has been in the vineyards, among the grapes, and in the cellars.

First, with the charming background of sturdy vines and shady rows, the wonderful taste of sweet grapes and the merry feasting after the harvest. Then, with the sharp smell of a fermentation cellar and the first tastings guided by expert hands. Finally, with the fascination of personally caring for the vines and creating excellent wines from the finest grapes. This is my world today.

My strength lies in understanding three factors – soil, vines, weather – and in interpreting them and working with them. That is how original and unique products are created. With those slight differences from one year to the next that are the exclusive characteristic of nature’s authentic products.

I spend part of my time in consulting work, which I carry out personally in wine estates in Italy and Europe, putting together all my knowledge and experience of wine grower and wine maker. Offering not just concrete help but also my personal point of view to others makes me feel I am contributing to spread the culture of premium wines. This also takes time.