IGT Mitterberg Schiava

Schiava on Granite

The steep vineyard for the GRANIT of the Liquid Stone line is one of the few areas in South Tyrol whose soil consists mostly of hard granite. It is located at the entrance to Ultimo Valley, above Lana in in the small village Gegend in the southwest of South Tyrol. The vineyard emerges 500 metres above sea level, facing south. Hence, despite the rather breezy and cool climate due to the winds of the Adige and Ultimo Valleys, the vines receive enough warm sunshine. The GRANIT shows us how versatile the Schiava is and presents its outstanding features: structure and tannin. The Schiava vines are 35 years old and densely planted with 5000 vines/hectare.

The mash of the small-berried grapes ferments in wooden vats and then ages in wooden barrels for 9 months.

GRANIT in 3 words: fiery, crisp, vibrant!