IGT Mitterberg Schiava

Schiava on Dolomite

The Schiava grapes from the DOLOMIT-series grow on 40-year-old vines from Cortaccia in the south of South Tyrol. This vineyard is thus certainly one of the warmest in the Liquid-Stone-line. The vineyard with southeast exposure is 350 metres above sea level. The soil is chalky, loamy and stony. The old vines have deep roots and a sluggish growth that gives us small Schiava grapes with high sugar and low acidity. The DOLOMIT shows the warm and robust side of the Schiava.

The fully ripe grapes ferment in wooden vats. Afterwards, the young wine continues to age in wooden barrels for 9 months.

DOLOMIT in 3 words: Spicy, velvety, fully ripe!