Südtirol-Alto Adige DOC

Our DONÀ NOIR is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. In 1995 we planted the first vines in Ronco di Cornaiano at 500 m altitude. Here, on an east-facing slope, sunny and ventilated, with medium consistency soil of glacial origin, our Pinot Noir vines prosper.

What we passionately pursue is a viticulture based on the unity of land, plants, animals, men and the cosmos. Strong vines, growing on a healthy, alive and biologically active soil, give us rich and tasty grapes that bear the imprint of the soil, of the environment where they grew and of us men who took care of the vineyards as they were growing.

A gentle and careful processing of grapes in the cellar allows us to achieve a special level of quality and sophistication for our Pinot Noir. Natural yeast make the must ferment in oak vats for 3-4 weeks, in a totally natural and non invasive way. The refining in wooden barrels for 23 months and the bottle ageing for another 2 years grant our Pinot Noir the time required to fully express its strong personality.

DONÀ NOIR presents a concentrated and deep fruity aroma, a robust and rather spicy taste, and a harmony of its own.